Collin Daniels is the lead guitarists and vocalist for Red Treasure Band. Daniels hails from New York, where he crafted his unique vocals. In this episode Daniels talks about the New York scene of "indie rock" and the importance of creating music for yourself. 

Wil has toured across the U.S. and now lives in the San Francisco bay area. He has performed at world class resorts in the Caribbean, Ireland, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, and California. Wil talks to GB about Ireland, and how a songs lryics can develop with a life partner.

Jacob Lechuga is a guitarist from So Cal. Jacob has been playing guitar for most of his life and is self taught, with some inspiration from his Grandfather. On GB Jacob talks about the pain of learning the guitar and the lessons the guitar has taught him about life and family.

Guitar Bazaar, a series where guitarists can perform to promote themshelves. Hear the stories and life lessons of guitarists from all over the world. Watch them perform original copositions as well as cover pieces. Click on the contact page and drop @Scene 17 a line if you would like to appear on Guitar Bazaar, and can be in the Southern California area.

Karen Hernandez, is a Downey, Ca raised guitarist, and lead singer of Cosmic Kitten. Growing up Karen was influenced by 90's bands that help shaped her sound. On GB Karen talks about growing up in a non traditional Hispanic home, the meaning behind the bands name, and performs "Lamp in its Shade".